Receiving National Merit Certificate

The legacy of toy making in Etikoppaka is believed to be inherited during the early 18th Century. Wooden Lacquerware craft is the application of lacquer on wood in pleasing shades and colours to create a distinctive appeal. Every creation is unique, with full of character and stories to tell.

We are group of highly skilled craftsmen working for the upliftment and sustainability of craft. 


I am an awardee artisan, skilled in making Wooden Lacquerware toys, famously known as “Etikoppaka Toys”. My name is PRV Sathya Narayana, locally known as Sarath. I live in Etikoppaka Village in Visakhapatnam Dist., Andhra Pradesh, India.

OBJECTIVE is an initiative by artisans for artisans. The idea is to support myself and my fellow artisans by selling Etikoppaka Toys directly. We are poor financially, but we are highly rich in the skill of making Etikoppaka Toys. I know that, the toys made by us are sold globally and are having huge demand. But, why are we still poor, made me to start this website. As the craft we are making is not giving us enough food, skilled artisan number is dwindling in my village day by day. I understood that, we are paid low despite of the fact that the craft which we are making is generating good income in the market. I want to stand for myself, my village artisans and my Etikoppaka Toys craft. I don’t want my skill and the craft to get extinct in near future. Please stand behind the success of our initiative “BY ARTISANS – FOR ARTISANS”, by buying authentic “Etikoppaka Toys” directly from our artisan’s website.

The toys are made out of Ivory Wood - Ankudu (Wrightia tinctoria) and are coloured with natural dyes derived from seeds, lacquer, bark, roots and leaves. The wood used to make the toys is soft in nature. The toys we make are shiny with appealing organic colors.

The Geographical Indication Registry (GIR) has given Geographical Indication (GI) tag to traditional Etikoppaka toys (Etikoppaka Bommalu) of Andhra Pradesh. 


We don't cut whole tree. We only use its branches and allow the tree to regrow. More over the wood of the tree has no value and in fact we are creating wealth out of waste.

Ankudu Tree
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